AISEC UI Online Essay Competition: The Role of Social Business To Face The Development of Era

AIESEC Local Committee University of Indonesia presents Social Entrepreneurship Project (SEP) 2013. This project is a kind of collaborated events that goes in increasing students college’s care of social issues as youth and Indonesian races to be involved in social entrepreneurs.

One of the Social Entrepreneurship Project 2013 events is National Essay Competition which has theme of “The Role of Social Entrepreneur Facing the Development Era of Indonesia”. This competition sets purposes on exploring creativity and innovative ideas which are solutive and realistic that come from Indonesian students college to dig the role of social entrepreneurs in solving social issues that are mentioned above.

Finally, Social Entrepreneurship Project 2013 is wished to give impacts to the development of social entrepreneurs in Indonesia and the better future of our beloved country, Indonesia.

Kindly send the essay with the theme:
“The Role of Social Business to Face The Development of Era”

50 best of participants selected reserve the right and OBLIGATORY to attend the next events of SEP 2013 that will be held on 22nd – 24th of March 2013 (Field Trip + Seminar + Promotion Day + Gala Networking). The best 3 (three) of essays will be presented in Seminar Social Entrepreneurship Project 2013.

Requirement and certainties:

  1. Active student college S1/D3 PTN/PTS in Indonesia.
  2. Download the application form here –> REGISTRATION FORM
  3. Pay the application fee Rp35.000,00 by transfering to account of Mandiri Bank 139-00-1209676-8 a.n Kharisma Ulinnuha at the latest of Sunday, 9th of March 2013.
  4. OBLIGATORY to confirm after paying by sending the message to Titis (085692941062) or Ratu (085780288823) and please send the scanned of payment bill to this email address
  5. The essay, application form, and scanned of payment bill have to be submitted by sending those all tosocep.aiesec.ui@gmail.comwith format ofwriter’s name_essay title.
  6. The deadline of essay submitted will be on Wednesday, 10th of March 2013.
  7. The announcement of 50 best participants and 3 best essays will be announced on Friday, 15th of March 2013 throughout
  8. The 3 best essays will be presented on Seminar SEP 2013 (23rd of March 2013) to determine the 1st winner, the 2nd, and the 3rd.

Writing system and assessment:

  1. The essay is written in Indonesian.
  2. The length of the essay is 3-8 pages (A4 paper, font size 12, font type Times New Roman, 1.5 space, margin: top 4cm, left 4cm, right 3cm, and bottom 3 cm).
  3. The title of the essay has to be interesting and unique.
  4. The content of the essay (compatibility of the essay content to theme and title, theme exploration, anaysis sharpness, and ideas type).
  5. The sharpness of the idea, imagination, value or message, and impression.
  6. The writting system will be plot, orthographic, language style, and metaphor.

Essay prizes:

  • The 1st Winner : Rp3.000.000,00 + sertificate + appreciation charter.
  • The 2nd Winner : Rp2.000.000,00 + sertificate + appreciation charter.
  • The 3rd Winner : Rp1.000.000,00 + sertificate + appreciation charter.

Certainties for 50 best participants selected:

  1. The 50 best participants selected reserve the right and OBLIGATORY to attend the next events of Social Entrepreneurship Project 2013 that will be held on 22nd-24th of March 2013 (Field Trip + Seminar + Promotion Day + Gala Networking).
  2. Accomodation needs and transportation will be guaranteed fully by the organizing committe project since 22nd-24th of March 2013.
  3. Additional announcement will be sent by email.

The prizes for social entrepreneurship project AIESEC UI 2013:
The participants with active learning, participation, and contribution during the whole events of Social Entrepreneurship Project 2013 will get the prize below:

  • Best Promotion Team (Rp. 12.000.000 + sertificate + placard)
  • Best Journal (Rp. 1.000.000 + sertificate + placard)

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